Uniting a Fractured America

Uniting a Fractured America

Uniting a Fractured AmericaUniting a Fractured AmericaUniting a Fractured America

From the SEAL Teams to Congress


Thru my service in the Military and SEAL Teams, I have come to hold freedom as a sacred and God-given right. Our freedoms are eroding from political discourse and Constitutional flexibility. The Constitution was never meant to be negotiable. I vow to uphold the God-given Constitution to the standard set forth by our Founding Fathers. With the blessing of your support, I look forward to serving as the Republican Candidate for California District 50, American Patriot and defender of freedom for the PEOPLE!

Thank You,

Nathan Wilkins


About Me


Living a life of Sacrificial Service

Nathan Paul Wilkins is a Medically Retired United States Navy SEAL, former Congressional Fellow at the United States House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee (Republican), and California District 50 Republican Congressional Candidate. Wilkins is a devoted follower of Christ with a Conservative upbringing and identifies as a member of the Republican Party.

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