My values

As a Former Navy SEAL and Congressional Candidate, I am a servant of the American public. I have sacrificed my life for people I do not know, that hate me, persecute me and try to silence me. But I will continue to serve my country! It is under the inspiration of God that I live a life of sacrificial service to the American public. All sides in Politics need to understand that our political views DO NOT make us Moral Enemies. My views are not meant to attack those that disagree with me, but to give everyone insight into my core beliefs. I expect to be persecuted for my beliefs, but I will not separate my relationship and belief in God from politics.  We need candidates with strong moral beliefs!

My faith in the God of the Bible and His son Jesus Christ is nothing that I will ever apologize for. My views have been formulated thru my years of walking with Christ. The only thing that will Unite America is the belief and knowledge of the Almighty Lord. In my views, you will find values that come straight from the Bible and have been formulated thru my experience. I want you to know that I am not a perfect person, however, I lean on the perfection of Jesus Christ. I will uphold Biblical principles and the God-inspired United States Constitution. 


Sanctity of life & human trafficking:

As the father of two wonderful children, I cannot imagine living life without the blessings of their existence. Their lives are so precious and fragile, and their innocence is so pure. I would do everything in my power to protect my family and community.

How then, do you think that I view all children? Why do we as a nation, cheapen the idea of life, with the acceptance & normalization of abortion? Why do we put up with Human Trafficking in our midst? 

I CHOOSE life! I cannot support abortion at any stage in the pregnancy or under any circumstances. I do not support funding for Abortion centers. 

The evil of modern-day slavery lives among us. Time to take out Human Trafficking with the righteous judgement of American Law and Order! There is no more despicable act than doing nothing about Human Trafficking in our communities. Quit turning a blind eye America!!

We must protect the sanctity of life! We must protect our little ones! They are our future!

Traditional marriage

Selfless traditional marriage creates strong families and in turn is an essential element in civil society. There are too many broken and single families, fractured for various reasons. We must create and repair policies that promote healthy traditional families. Our children deserve more than a broken and self-centered American family culture. Let’s create strong family communities once again!!

Nothing is like the foundation of marriage between a man and woman. However, once the foundation cracks, a Nation falls. The origin of marriage comes from God, in His mighty word, which made it clear what marriage meant (Gen. 2:23-25).  Under almost all circumstances, an unbreakable unity between a Man and a Woman, indicative of God’s relationship between the Church and God. I cannot support any law or legislation that attacks traditional marriage.

Second Amendment

Due to my training in the SEAL Teams, I am the only candidate with a high level of experience handling firearms under stressful and dangerous situations. I can speak from an experienced point of view, rather than a philosophical one. 

The Second Amendment guaranteed that a Citizen had the power to defend themselves against harm and governmental oppression. I want to make sure that the power given to individuals in the Constitution is never diluted or dissolved. 

Concealed carry permits need to be readily and freely available to those reasonably trained. With the emergence of lone wolf attacks, it is better to have any reasonably trained citizen carry a weapon to defend those who cannot or will not defend themselves. 

Every second counts when fighting for your life. Although Law Enforcement's purpose to protect the community, it is our duty as individuals to protect ourselves. It is unrealistic for Law enforcement to respond immediately to a threat we may be facing. It our duty to defend ourselves. 

Gun registries and background checks need proper policies in order to prevent Federal, State and Local government from overreaching their Constitutional authority. Without the proper oversight of government, government is bound to abuse citizens right to bear arms, as we have seen with the State of Virginia. 

America’s Southern Border

We have caused a Human crisis by having an open southern border. Families and children risk themselves to cross thru brutal terrain. Coyotes smuggle little children over the border in order to become Sex Slaves. Enormous amounts of illicit drugs pour thru the southern border by way of human transport, cleverly hidden in vehicle transportation, tunnels under the Earth and thru air transport. Our nation is at risk from enemies and terrorists that see an opportunity to exploit the vulnerability in our Southern border.  

Build a wall, surveil the vast deserts, enforce law and order and stop allowing sanctuary cities to house criminals. Provide adequate and humane shelter for families and individuals that await trial.


In a perfect world, all migrants are well intentioned and want a better life for themselves and families. However, that is not the real world and every Illegal immigrant has different intentions. 

Respecting Law Enforcement

Why don’t we look at those that serve the Domestic United States with the same level of respect as Military members? In a perfect world, aren’t service minded Law Enforcement seeking peace and stability in their communities? We must create a culture in America that respects our Law Enforcement personnel. If Law enforcement does not feel respected or supported within their states, localities or communities, how long will well intentioned personnel feel compelled to serve? 

I cannot say that every Law Enforcement personnel is perfect but let’s not generalize Law Enforcement as being completely unethical. Proper oversight and ethical leadership can minimize the mistakes Law Enforcement makes and gives the communities around them the trust that law enforcement is not overreaching with their power.